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Underground artist, Skip Williamson, designed this logo for Underground Collectibles

Underground Collectibles sells underground comix, posters, books, original art & prints, and other counterculture related items from the 60’s and 70’s with a special emphasis on underground comix.

We carry underground comix like The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Home Grown Funnies, Mr. Natural, Neurocomics, Smile, Weirdo, and Zap Comix. These and other underground comix were drawn by the likes of Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Kim Deitch, Robert Williams, S. Clay Wilson, Skip Williamson, Rick Griffin, Spain Rodriguez, Victor Moscoso, Jay Lynch and many others. Absolutely great stuff and much, much under-appreciated.

We have a lot of underground comix yet to be listed on this website. We are constantly adding titles and other related items so if you don’t see what you’re looking for please stop back again... real soon!

"Underground comics are more like art and less like comics."
- Gilbert Shelton



August 2015

Some recently restocked titles:



October 2014

Some of the titles now back in stock:
American Splendor # 15 - all stories by Harvey Pekar
Commies from Mars # 1 - 1st print error edition
Conspiracy Capers - from 1969
Mystic Funnies # 2 - 1st print from Last Gasp
Slug VIII / Amoeba Air Heart Flyer - an unusual one
Underground Classics # 12 - Gilbert Shelton in 3-D
Young Lust # 7 - 1st and only printing

Some of our items currently on sale:
The Adventures Of Oat Willie - The Most Thoughtful Guy In The World
Animal Bite Comix - signed by the publisher
Gimme # 1 - Leonard Rifas, Larry Rippee, and others from 1972
God Nose - affordable 2nd printing from 1969
VelVeeda Singles and Seconds - signed by the artist, King VelVeeda



September 2014

A few of our recently added or restocked titles:
Slow Death Funnies # 1 - 1st print
Radical America Komiks - from 1969
The Pagfeek Papers - all Mark Morrison
Heart - all John Aulenta
Bogeyman # 3 - Rory Hayes & others



May 2014

Recently added titles:
Thoroughly Ripped with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers ...and Fat Freddy's Cat! - features the It's A Raid!!! board game
Reefer Madness - cult classic on DVD with T-shirt!


April 2014

Some recently added or restocked titles:
Slow Death Funnies # 5 - 1st print!
Realm # 6, 1st print - print run of just 300 copies!
The Miller's Tale - illustrations by Gilbert Shelton
Zap Comix # 1, 2nd print - the "Don Donahue" printing
Grass - a film by Ron Mann
The Food Stamp Gourmet - artwork by Gilbert Shelton, Greg Irons, Dave Sheridan
Reefer Madness - cult classic on DVD

Some items currently on sale:
Burn Bitchy Burn - Roberta Gregory
Get Me A Table Without Flies, Harry - Bill Griffith sketchbook
Minimum Wage Book One - Bob Fingerman
Steal This Book - classic by Abbie Hoffman

We have restocked all issues of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Zap Comix
in various printings.


March 2014

Some of the titles now back in stock:
Motor City Comics # 1 - hard to find 1st print!
Tales From The Tube - Rick Griffin ...and others
Insect Fear # 1 - Tales From The Behavioral Sink
Marching Marvin - one of the earliest undergrounds
Neurocomics - popular Timothy Leary comix

Some items currently on sale:
Air Pirates Funnies - tabloid, 1st and only printing
The Adventures of Oat Willie - 1st print of a popular title
Animal Bite Comix - signed by publisher


December 2012

Some of the titles we have recently added:
White Whore Funnies # 2 - nice cover!
Your Hytone Comix - high grade, 1st print from 1971


November 2012

Some titles we have recently restocked:
The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You - mostly John Thompson, from 1969
Motor City Comics # 1 - 1st printing, Robert Crumb
Arcade # 1 - the whole series is back in stock (but they usually go quick, so...)
Insect Fear # 1 - Tales From The Behavioral Sink

Some of our items currently on sale:
High Times Magazine # 3 - high-grade, early issue from 1975
Alias The Cat - hardcover by Kim Deitch
Checkered Demon III - 3rd one in the series by S. Clay Wilson


August 2012

Some recently added and/or restocked titles:
Queen of Hairy Flies - unique book put out by Michael Roden in a print run of just 1000 copies
Tuff Shit Comics - a comic dealing with drug addiction
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers # 2 - high grade, pink paper edition
Snatch Comics # 1 - high grade, extremely nice 3rd print

Some of our items currently on sale:
R Crumb Ordinary Record - a real 78 rpm record album produced in the early 70s by R Crumb and his Keep-On-Truckin’ Orchestra
Insect Fear # 1 - Tales From The Behavioral Sink
Jiz Comics - a lower grade (and more affordable) 1st print


July 2012

Some of our recently added underground comics and related items:
Hey Maw, The Hogs Ate The Baby!!! - postcard by Robt Williams
R. Crumb Trading Card Set - from 1991
Common Types of Barflyze - Basil Wolverton
R. Crumb Comics - red hardcover edition from Gingko Press
Crumb Family Comics - hardcover and it's signed by the whole family!

Some of our items currently on sale:
All of our Underground Postcards and Notecards are on sale. This is the last of our stock on these ...when they're gone - they're gone! Very low stock on most.
The Comics Journal - are all on sale! All of the issues we offer feature either an extensive article on underground comix or an in-depth interview with an underground artist.

June 2012

Some recently added underground comics and related items:
The Miller's Tale - a pretty cool book illustrated by Gilbert Shelton
A History of Underground Comix - an excellent book on, well, the history of underground comix
The Collected Checkered Demon - signed & numbered, limited edition, S. Clay Wilson
Comix, A history of Comic Books in America
Cheech Wizard Jigsaw Puzzle - original jigsaw puzzle by Vaughn Bode from 1974
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers # 1 - a true 1st print with the orange patch on side of building ...in rough shape but this one is hard to find in any condition
Zap Comix # 1, 2nd print - the "Don Donahue" edition
Zap Comix # 2, 1st print - true 1st print w/ heavy cover stock and offset Head First story

Some of the titles now back in stock:
Official Underground And Newave Comix Price Guide - Jay Kennedy
Illustrated Checklist To Underground Comix - The Archival Press
ID # 1, ID # 2, ID # 3 - R. Crumb

And some items currently on sale:
Musical Legends - Justin Green ($24.95 cover price, sale price $8.00)
The New Adventures of Jesus - Frank Stack ($19.95 cover price, sale price $9.00)
Rebel Visions - Patrick Rosenkranz ($39.95 cover price, sale price $12.00)
Sex, Rock & Optical Illusions - Victor Moscoso ($34.95 cover price, sale price $12.00)




The following is from YouTube - it is a "teaser pilot" for the upcoming Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers movie, Grass Roots. Cool stuff!



The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers... The Movie


Yep! It seems like it is really going to happen this time. We have heard this rumor since the 70s but this time it looks like it is for real. It’s going to be a stop motion animation thing produced by the company, Celluloid Dreams and directed by Dave Borthwick. Fantastic news! (Did you notice who’s peeking through the door in the image shown above?)

All orders (U.S.) will ship for our normal low, flat-rate of just $5.00. And we pack everything with "collectors’ care" - just as we would like to receive it if we were ordering. All orders are shipped within 24 hours (business days).

Our friends outside the U.S. pay exact shipping charges - email us!



This website last updated on September 22, 2015.


image of the credit cards which we accept


High Times Magazine # 425, June 2011
High Times Magazine # 425, June 2011
Jiz Comics, 2nd print
Jiz Comics, 2nd print
Beatles Experience # 4, The
Beatles Experience # 4, The
Phoebe & The Pigeon People # 1
Phoebe & The Pigeon People # 1
Snarf #  1
Snarf # 1
Underground Classics  #  3 - (Dealer McDope # 2)
Underground Classics # 3 - (Dealer McDope # 2)
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