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 R. Crumb Trading Card Set - 1991  
 R. Crumb Trading Card Set - 1991 ENLARGE

 R. Crumb Trading Card Set - 1991 ENLARGE

 R. Crumb Trading Card Set - 1991 ENLARGE

R Crumb Trading Cards

Complete set of 36 full-color cards by Robert Crumb. Published by Kitchen Sink Press in 1991. Complete set of 36 cards but no box.

This set consists of 36 full-color heavy card stock cards which depict many of Crumb’s most famous characters (Angelfood McSpade, Devil Girl, Flakey Foont, Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, many, many others) as well as a self-portrait of Crumb himself. The back of each card features another image of the character along with a short biography written by Kitchen Sink Press editor Dave Schreiner.

These trading cards went out of print shortly after being published in 1991 but were published again (with minor changes) almost 20 years later in 2010. This 36-card set we are offering is from the original 1991 printing from Kitchen Sink Press. This set of 36 cards is complete but does not include the box they were originally sold in.

Characters in this R. Crumb trading card set include:

  • Mr. Natural
  • Flakey Foont
  • The Nerds
  • Pete the Plumber
  • Whiteman
  • Big Foot
  • Ruff Tuff Creampuff
  • Meatball
  • Shuman the Human
  • Dirty Dog
  • Smelly Old Cat
  • The Desperate Character
  • Mr. Appropriate
  • Vulture Demoness
  • Eggs Ackley
  • Sally Blubberbutt
  • Fritz the Cat
  • Bearzy Wearzies
  • Keep on Truckin’
  • Onion Head
  • Patricia Pig
  • Forky O’Donnell
  • Squirrely the Squirrel
  • Cheesis K. Reist
  • Boingy Baxter
  • The Simp and the Gimp
  • Ruth Schwartz
  • Devil Girl
  • Mr. Snoid
  • Angelfood McSpade
  • The Old Pooperoo
  • Dale Steinberger
  • Joe Blow
  • Little Johnny Fuckerfaster
  • Bo Bo Bolinski
  • Robert Crumb

The cards are pristine NM... just no box.

Robert Crumb Trading Card Set - 1991


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Wonder Wart-Hog  Postcard - Gilbert Shelton
Wonder Wart-Hog Postcard - Gilbert Shelton
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