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 Burlap Bag - Marijuana, Home Grown 50 Kilos  
 Burlap Bag - Marijuana, Home Grown 50 Kilos ENLARGE

Home Grown Marijuana - 50 Kilos Burlap Bag

Burlap Bag - Marijuana, Home Grown

These are fairly large, 50 Kilo marijuana burlap bags. They are approximately 22" wide x 36" long.

These burlap bags are in new, never used condition.

  • Hang ’em!
  • Frame ’em!
  • Sack Races!
  • Pet Pillows!
  • Grain/Feed

Novelty only - marijuana not included!

Note: The image of the burlap bag on the left appears lighter in color than it actually is. They are really more of the traditional brownish burlap color.

Burlap Bags


Temporarily Sold Out - Please Check Back Soon!
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