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 Dealer McDope Dealing Game  
 Dealer McDope Dealing Game ENLARGE

 Dealer McDope Dealing Game ENLARGE

The Official Dealer McDope Dealing Game

After many, many years of being out of print, the very hard-to-find Dealer McDope Dealing Game is back! Probably the most infamous board game of its time, the Dealer McDope Dealing Game still features the art of the late great Dave Sheridan. 

"Leave Doobietown, USA and journey to an intriguing port of call, score caches of dope and return home anxious to sell. Sounds simple, and it is -- as long as karma, skill, and the roll of the dice are on your side, and you don’t get hassled at any borders, ripped off by your partner, or busted. Yeh, busted. Lots of dealers go to jail. Yes, dealing is a high risk/high gain situation. Remember, all dealers play hard, but they don’t all play fair. When in doubt, ask yourself what McDope would do if he were there."

"With art by the late great Dave Sheridan, this 1971 game may be the most famous pot-related board game of all time."
- Cannabis Culture.

New as published... it is still in the original shrinkwrap but the box top shows some waviness.

(Image shown is not of this particular copy.)

The Official Dealer McDope Dealing Game


Temporarily Sold Out - Please Check Back Soon!
Kitchen Kut-Outs! - R. Crumb
Kitchen Kut-Outs! - R. Crumb
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